Kinder Park Nursery

Joanne Routledge, Owner

I asked Maurice to create a personal development plan for both myself and my senior management team.within Kinderpark Nursery. This was also to include a Vision, Values and Behaviours day which, all of my staff attended.

The results have been outstanding! Both from a personal and professional perspective.

We now have a robust and measurable performance management process, which challenges each staff member to develop themselves, thus creating a really positive values led culture within the team.

I have also grown in so many ways as a person and would like to thank Maurice for what is continuing to be a memorable life changing experience indeed.

Joanne Routledge, Business owner    

Tavistock Leasure Group

"Boardroom to Dressing Room " leadership days

This was development wise, everything that we had hoped for. Great job !

'“Maurice has a real knowledge of financial, operational, customer service and importantly, people development. Gained during his impressive and successful, sporting, business and educational  career. 
I respect both his professional judgement and personal integrity. He has been of real value to both the short term consolidation process and future strategic vision of Tavistock Leasure Group “

The Tavistock Leasure Group

Calderdale Council Leadership Team

Boardroom to Dressing Room

As a directorate management team, the vision, values and behaviours work that Maurice led on was an amazing professional and personal life changing experience.  We embarked on this journey not really understanding where we were going and the impact it would have on our management styles; our ability to work together as a team; to lead and be part of other teams; and as individuals. 

The impact was extraordinary and was completely different to anything any of us had undertaken previously in the management and team building exercises we had been involved with in our careers.  To start by examining yourself; the vision you have; the values you believe you have and how you portray them and behave was an inspirational way of looking to and managing required change.  This approach led to a very quick realisation of what we as a team had to do to change and how we could do it to become better leaders, managers, colleagues and friends.


Maurice was the catalyst in ensuring we examined the real issues and put into place joint and personal actions to improve our abilities and management.  As a team, we would wholeheartedly recommend Maurice to anyone as he has a unique caring empathy backed by outstanding experience that he brings in to every situation. 

He will challenge but is also prepared to be challenged.  He is extremely transparent; honest; has excellent integrity and motivates people to maximise their talents for the benefit of the organisation and themselves.  A very humble and inspiring man.

Nick Page - Head teacher

Beaconside Cof E Primary School, Penrith, Cumbria

I had began my third year of headship,when I  began working directly with Maurice, having entered the role filled with both enthusiasm and self belief. However, following two back to back Ofsted inspections, mixed with the everyday pressures of life, the confidence in myself which I had originally in abundance, began to be gradually eroded from me.

After many hours of consultation and challenge, Maurice created a specific personal development programme, which was bespoke to both my personal and professional requirements.Working with Maurice enables you to stop, take a deep breath,reflect and ensure that you are taking care of yourself in the same way that you would naturally, as a leader, look after your staff. Maurice’s work is based around “the one person” and allows you to explore the real you.

It has had a significant impact upon not only myself, but also my team .

St Roberts of Newminster Catholic School and Sixth

Personal Branding Inset Day

Teachers and pupils had an excellent morning finding out about who they really are!!! The Personal Branding session really challenges the individual to look at themselves and explore who they really are

They designed a Personal Brand image, which highlighted individual values, behaviours and brand unique selling points.

The 6 form students certainly bought into the day with some really outstanding work.
Here is some of their feedback 

" Really made me think about who I am "
" Challenged me to live in a real world environment "
" I now feel like I both know and understand myself so much better "
" The teachers also found the day a challenge and an emotional insight " 
" Actually found out that I am more talented than I thought "
" Learned to believe and trust in myself more "

Kevin Ball, Sunderland A.F.C football legend

" Who am I " personal development

“I deal with young footballers every day and never forget how big an influence I can be as their coach. Maurice has got some excellent ideas which challenge players from youngsters to adults and right across the ability range. 

Coaching is about understanding people as well as understanding football. Maurice''s commercial experience, dressing room knowledge and mature life skills enable him to facilitate outstanding learning. 

Thanks for today, it was the best session I have ever had in all of my coaching career

His ability to link the dressing room culture to other walks of life is unique!!

Kevin Ball

The " 10% pile" CV and careers development program

Career coaching and guidance

The " 10% pile " careers programme, is designed to deliver all aspects of the recruitment, selection and interview process.

Life skills also play a huge part of individual personal development and we have been able to incorporate this into our extensive, challenging and comprehensive coaching package

* SWOT analysis
* Personal branding 
* Making the 10% pile
* "Who am I " 
* Job description
* C.V design
* Cover letter
* Research methods

Nelson Mandela Foundation, South Africa

Sello Hatang, Chief Executive

One of the highlights of my evening was to meet Maurice Hepworth, the former Arcadia Shepherds soccer player . His reputation in South African football circles was one of integrity, honesty and respect.

To think that whilst playing in South Africa he was part of the team which helped bring down the apartheid barriers of professional soccer within my country.

"You carry with you a very very special legacy indeed"

Thank you so much my great friend!

Sello Hatang
Chief executive 
The Nelson Mandela Foundation

Charity is important to us

Romania coaching life skills

For the past 6 years we have visited the Romanian children's orphanages at Corbu and Chevinetza. 

Developing the childrens life skills , family values and football skills

An incredably humbling experience indeed.

Thank you to The SFPA, Sunderland AFC and Kevin Ball for your valued support and encouragement 

Life saving and life changing

Prostate Cancer UK.

I guess it’s time to pick up from where a very personal illness stopped me in my tracks.

Last year I was diagnosed with radical prostate cancer, which required immediate life saving surgery. Sitting opposite your consultant who has just informed you that unless he operates immediately, ‘you will die’, has a profound effect upon your immortality.

I realised that being a leader, being a husband, being a father and being a son all merge into one with the same principles applying at every turning point.

It was not fear that consumed me at this moment, but a knowledge of the impact this news would have upon my six children. As a father I know intimately how each of my children handle emotion and have always encouraged them to allow their feelings to be known. This, I feel, is a massive strength and as the reality of my personal situation began to unfold, how each one of them would react came straight to my heart.

One would listen, then refuse to believe, one would logically decide ‘this happens every day and you’ll be fine’, one would smile and say ‘it’ll be ok’, one would realise the enormity but look on the positive side. One would totally break down and for two days be unable to function, and finally one would follow me around like a lost sheep for two weeks whenever I was there.